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Conference Presenter FAQ_from Submission
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NASW/Texas Conference Presenter FAQ


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Timeline at a Glance

Online proposals due
February 18, 2015
Notification of acceptance (email)
May 14, 2015
Presenter agreement due May 30, 2015
Final confirmation with notification of room capacity and set up (email)
October 1, 2015
AV request due (to onsite AV company)  October 15, 2015
Handouts for website due October 15, 2015

Thursday - Saturday
November 12-14, 2015

Galveston, TX


Please add and/or the domain to your safe sender list to ensure you receive all correspondence from NASW/Texas!




When are proposals due?

Proposals are due by February 18, 2015 for the 2016 Conference. All proposals must be submitted online. 


Do I have to be an NASW Member to submit a proposal? Do I have to be a social worker?

No, NASW Membership or background as a social worker are not required to submit a proposal. So long as the topic is relevant to the practice of social work it will be considered.


Can I save and return to a proposal once I’ve started it? Can I edit a submitted proposal?

While our system does allow you to save and return to an entry before it is submitted, we strongly recommend submitting your proposal in one sitting. Proposals cannot be edited once submitted. Please notify Deanna Gabelein at promptly with any changes to your contact information.


Who should I list as the primary contact?

Typically the primary contact is the primary presenter but does not have to be. The primary contact will receive all communication from NASW/Texas regarding the proposal and, if accepted, the conference program arrangements. The primary contact will be responsible for sharing presentation information will all other presenters.


Should I submit as an Academic Juried Review or a Standard Review?

Most NASW/Texas proposals should be submitted through the Standard Review. If you are submitting a proposal for an original research study (exploratory, quasi-experimental, experimental), you may choose to submit to the Juried Review Track. Neither track receives preferential consideration over the other. Click here for details on the Academic Juried Review and click here for details on the Standard Review. If you have additional questions about this process, please contact Nicole Willis, Conference Program Chair.


How is tracking used? Which should I select?

NASW/Texas lists sessions by track on the conference website and in the conference programs. Tracking helps conference participants quickly identify sessions relevant to their practice. Please select tracks relevant to your proposed session's content. You must select at least one (1) track and no more than three (3). Tracking options include:


Aging & Disabilities

Focus on practice issues which may range from enhancing healthy functioning, improving impaired functioning or dealing with end-of-life care (e.g. case management, addressing psychosocial needs, accessing services or care alternatives)


Behavioral & Mental Health

Focus on specialization related to assessment and treatment of mental health or addictions, recovery and rehabilitation


Child, Family & Schools 

Focus on case management, services, and interventions for child and families in settings such as schools or the child protective services system


Community & Macro Practice

Address broad level community, societal, and global concerns through such mechanisms as advocacy, policy analysis, program development and evaluation


Health & Medical

Focus on assessing and addressing short or long-term coping/ treatment needs and discharge planning of clients with chronic, acute or terminal health care needs and understanding healthcare policy as it relates to social work practice


Professional & Career

Focus on issues to further advance or make changes within your career and to provide professional development outside of specific fields of practice


Social Work Education

Focus on curriculum development, administration, teaching and professional development in higher education at the bachelors or masters level



How do I write a learning objective?

Almost all learning or educational objectives should begin "At the end of this workshop, the participant will be able to....” A frequent mistake is to couch objectives in terms of "to teach” or "will understand.” The best objectives identify a measurable outcome. The following are sample objectives pulled from applications to NASW/Texas. If you follow these models, you should fulfill our requirements.


At the end of this workshop the participant will be able to:

  • Recognize drugs frequently used by adolescents with an emphasis on epidemiological data, use patterns, and clinical pharmacology.
  • Develop a treatment plan which addresses the developmental delays and function impairments of the adolescent, incorporates the role of the family into the recovery process; and utilizes the appropriate level of care according to UM guidelines.
  • Utilize advanced, purposeful, multi-level language patterns.
  • Identify, describe, and demonstrate ethical principles in the use of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.
  • Discuss the important role a healthy caregiver plays in the death and dying process.


What is the difference between a 50 word summary and an abstract?

The 50-word summary is a brief statement that supports the learning objectives. If accepted, it will be printed conference program.


The abstract is an extended summary that includes a description of the topic and purpose the proposed presentation, including identification of the target audience and a description of the format. You may also describe how time will be allotted to presenters, discussion, Q&A, etc., as applicable. Submissions through the Juried Track should also include citations and references as applicable in this field. Citations/references will not count toward the word count.


How are proposals reviewed?

Click here for details on the Academic Juried Review process and click here for details on the Standard Review process. If you have additional questions about this process, please contact Nicole Willis, Conference Program Chair.





When and how will I be notified of the outcome of my proposal?

Notification will be sent by email on or around May 15, 2015. If you have not received any notification by May 20th, please contact Deanna Gabelein, Program & Communications Manager, to verify contact information for the primary contact. Please add and/or the domain to your safe sender list to ensure you receive all correspondence from NASW/Texas!


When will I find out when my presentation is scheduled?

If accepted, you will be notified of your presentation date and time in your acceptance letter. This information is subject to change and will be confirmed in an email in early October.


What if I cannot present at the date or time assigned?

Please contact Deanna Gabelein, Program & Communications Manager, immediately if you are unable to present at the date or time assigned. If possible, based on conflicts or cancellations, we will try to reschedule you. However, we cannot guarantee another time will be available.


What is the presenter agreement? When and how does it need to be returned?

If accepted the presenter agreement will be included with your acceptance letter. By signing the presenter agreement, you agree to present at the conference, confirm that the information listed on the form is correct for the site program, and agree to abide by conference policies. The presenter agreement form is due to the Chapter Office by May 30, 2015. This is a very important deadline for the printing of our preliminary program. Forms may be returned by mail, fax, or email attachment to Deanna Gabelein, Program & Communications Manager.



Preparing for Conference

 Where will the conference be held?

The 2016 Conference will be held at the Arlington Convention Center in Arlington, Texas. 


How do I register for the conference?

You may register online at our registration page, which will open on July 15, 2015. Presenters may register at a discounted rate. Onsite registration will also be available, though it is $50 over the preregistration rate.


I am only attending to present. Do I have to register for the conference?

If you are only attending the conference to present your session, you do not need to register. However, you  must check in at the Non-Registered Presenter line near registration when you arrive. There you will receive your name badge, room assignment and copy of the site program.


You may receive CE for your session. Simply turn in the Attendance Verification Form at the back of your site program; note your session and write "Presenter” on the form.

We ask that non-registered presenters respect that breakout sessions, meals, and networking events are for registered attendees only. We encourage all presenters to register for the conference so you can join us for these wonderful events and learning opportunities.


I am a Student Member and will be presenting? At what rate should I register?

If you are an NASW Member with Student, Transitional, or Retired membership status, or if you are a current student who will be registering as a volunteer, you may register at the rate you qualify for that is least expensive.


May I attend other sessions, receive CE, or attend meal and networking events?

Presenters who register for the conference may attend all the functions open to a regular conference attendee. We ask that non-registered presenters respect that breakout sessions, meals, and networking events are for registered attendees only. We encourage all presenters to register for the conference so you can join us for these wonderful events and learning opportunities.


All presenters may receive CE credit for the session they present and registered presenters may receive CE for all sessions they attend; simply turn in the Attendance Verification Form at the back of your site program. Non-registered presenters: Please note your session and write "Presenter” on the form.


Where do I check in when I arrive at the conference?

Please check in at the registration desk when you arrive at conference. Registration can be found in the foyer of the Galveston Island Convention Center (map).  If you are preregistered to attend the conference, you will check in by your last name. If not, please look for the Non-Registered Presenter Check-In table next to the registration booth. If you choose to register onsite, you may do so in the Onsite Registration Line after picking up your materials at the check-in table.


What room will I present in? How will the room be set?

You will be notified in early-October of the capacity and the set up (theater, classroom or mixed) of your assigned room. NASW/Texas will provide a microphone, podium, screen, and power in all rooms.


What AV will be provided? Will internet be available in the session room?

NASW/Texas will provide a microphone, podium, screen, and power in all rooms. Presenters are expected to furnish their own laptops and LCD projectors for presentations. Internet access (including wifi) is not furnished for session rooms. Individuals interested in purchasing internet access or renting other AV equipment may do so at their own expense through the hotel's AV company. Contact information for the onsite AV company will be provided soon. Please plan to contact them with any AV needs by October 15, 2015. Presenters may bring their own LCD projectors. If you would like to be added to a listserv of presenters through which you can coordinate shared AV equipment, please contact Deanna Gabelein.


How are handouts managed? Are they posted online? How many handouts will I need to bring?

New in 2015, NASW/Texas is requiring that all presenters provide at least a one page resource document to be posted online for attendees by October 15, 2015. This may be an outline of the presentation or a resources list/bibliography. Additional handouts, such as your slides, worksheets, or case studies may also be submitted for online posting. If accepted, you will receive instructions on how to submit your handouts. Handouts will be accepted after October 15, 2015, but we cannot guarantee how quickly they will be posted. Handouts will be posted one month before the conference and will remain posted for one month following the conference.


You are welcome to also bring hard copies to your session, but this is not required. Since attendees do not preregister for individual sessions, it is difficult for us to say exactly how many handouts you’ll need. In October, you will receive an email detailing the number of seats available in your session room, which can help you plan for how many handouts to bring.


What should I bring with me for my presentation?

What you need will depend on what sort of presentation you are conducting. Many presenters choose to bring:

• Laptop
• LCD projector & necessary cords
• Adapters needed for Macs or HDMI jacks to connect to VGA cables.
• Extension cord (just in case!)
• Presentation files on a flash drive
• Handouts


We strongly recommend having any internet files or web pages saved as documents on your laptop or flash drive. Internet will not be provided in the rooms, and while you may purchase internet access through the convention center, the high cost of access is generally prohibitive. Please plan ahead!


What will NASW/Texas provide for my presentation?

NASW/Texas will provide a microphone, podium, screen, and power in all rooms. Water and notepads will be available in or just outside of the room.


As available, a volunteer will be assigned to your session to introduce and assist you. They will have sign in sheets and session evaluation forms.


Will I be able to see my evaluations?

Yes, once we have reviewed and processed the evaluations you will receive a summary of the responses by email, typically within one week of the conference. At that time, you may request the original evaluations and/or copies of the session sign in sheets. Details and deadlines will be provided at that time.



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